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Severe Ligament Injuries in Cincinnati

knee exercisesLigaments keep all of the joints in the body stable, but they can stretch and tear whenever they’re subjected to moderate to severe or extreme forms of stress. Think of a rubber band. Like rubber bands, ligaments are designed to withstand normal movement and motion. When stretched, they should snap back into place. However, they can tear if overstretched, much like a rubber band. This forceful stretching often occurs during car accidents, sports injuries, or while performing a physically demanding job.

Overstretching can lead to what is known as a grade one or higher sprain. A sprain is technically overstretching and tearing of a ligament. Grade 1 is weakness caused by overstretching. Moderate injury is tearing of the ligament and is indicated at Grade 2. Severe injury is indicated as Grade 3 and typically indicates a complete tearing of the ligament.

Typically, specialized rehab of the ligaments is suggested with a grade 2 injury, while laser therapy is effective for all levels of injury. That type of injury, depending on the severity, may be classified as a loss of motion segment integrity, which is considered a permanent injury.

Healing Challenges

Ligaments pose a unique challenge in recovery due to their poor blood supply and circulation. As a result, they don’t heal quickly or efficiently. When a ligament tears, it repairs with collagen, not elastin, which is more prevalent during youth. This leads to less elastic ligaments that lack their original ability to snap back into place.

Treatment Options and Recovery

Specific rehab therapies focus on strengthening postural muscles in the areas of injury. By doing so, stronger muscles can help offset the weakness caused by damaged ligaments. We can also provide specific exercises and stretches that can aid in strengthening these ligaments and reducing pain.

Restoring motion is crucial for both muscles and ligaments in an injured area. Sometimes, Dr. Smith uses low-level laser therapy to stimulate ligament recovery and healing. This therapy has seen some success in helping to restore normal function to the affected areas.

How long it takes for rehab for the area for severe ligament injuries is highly individual. However, for the area typically is a minimum of 4 weeks in most cases. Although the injured area will never be as healthy as before the injury, rehab of the injured area can restore it to a state of normal function and healing. If not treated properly, these conditions can lead to progressive degenerative disease processes. If the injury is severe enough, it may never fully recover and will need supportive therapy.

While some patients may regain normal function, severe injuries often result in permanent changes, requiring ongoing care and precaution to prevent re-injury.

Get on the Healing Path

If you suspect a severe ligament injury, it’s essential to seek professional advice promptly. Contact A Better Life Chiropractic today to book an appointment with Dr. Smith.

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