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Meet Dr. John Smith

Feeling Incredible With Chiropractic

Chiropractor Cincinnati, Dr. John SmithIt was during high school that Dr. Smith first encountered chiropractic care. He and his mother were involved in a car accident when he was in high school, and they both started seeing a chiropractor.

“I honestly didn’t like it, but after a couple of weeks of treatment, I had a breakthrough and realized I feel good…and actually, I feel great! Better than I have ever felt! I was blown away by the improvement.”

He saw a chiropractor for some time afterward but hadn’t yet decided on the right career path to take.

Trying to Ignore an Injury

During his undergraduate years, Dr. Smith decided to pursue medical school. He was then in a low-speed car accident, which according to his insurance company, couldn’t result in any injury. As the year went by, he noticed that he had to turn his entire body to look to the side. One morning, he woke up and had numbness in his thumb.

“A week later, I had numbness, tingling and a loss of sensation in my entire body. I went to the emergency room, where I had every test they could think of, but couldn’t find anything wrong. After an MRI, they discovered no curve in my neck, massive bone spurs and degeneration, which they said would require surgery.”

Dr. Smith realized that the fender bender he’d been in was more serious than he had thought. He saw the value of chiropractic care in treating auto accident injuries. Another contributing factor in choosing chiropractic school was his son, who has autism. “I was frustrated by traditional medicine that didn’t have any answers to treat autism or other neurological disorders. It seemed to focus on giving people medications, which often aren’t effective.”

Making the Switch to the Natural Health Path

Instead of continuing a premed path, Dr. Smith chose to complete a Bachelor of Science in Biology, then attend Parker University in Dallas, Texas. This institution taught him how to look at the whole person instead of simply treating an illness, getting to know each individual for the most effective treatment. He earned an additional Bachelor of Science in Anatomy, as well as a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Since that time, Dr. Smith has taken regular continuing education courses. He concentrates on specializing in auto accidents and is certified in

  • Collision biomechanics
  • Postsurgical rehabilitation

He is trained as a ligament injury and connective tissue specialist, and treats the whole body, including extremities.

Outside of the Office

In his spare time, Dr. Smith enjoys hiking, traveling, reading, writing and watching movies. He is a member of the Southwest Ohio Chiropractic Association, the Ohio State Chiropractic Association and the American Chiropractic Association. Insurance coverage can be used for your visits. Contact us to schedule your appointment!

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