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Massage Therapy in Cincinnati

Healing with Medical Massage Therapy

Feel relaxed, alleviate your discomfort and experience incredible healing with medical massage therapy at A Better Life Chiropractic.

Our highly trained and experienced licensed massage therapists, Tom Nicholson and Toccara Duncan, are here to provide a wide variety of massage techniques tailored to your needs.

A Powerful Therapeutic Combination

Massage is beneficial for anyone with a musculoskeletal injury. If you are a patient of Dr. Smith, he may recommend massage therapy along with your chiropractic care, as the two work hand in hand to restore your health.


Tom Nicholson

Tom Nicholson became interested in massage because he knew people who suffered from migraine headaches. After reading about reflexology and seeing how it helped them, he decided to become a massage therapist and graduated from SHI Massage school in 2004. With over 14 years of experience working in complement to chiropractic care, he has helped many people and truly enjoys working with Dr. Smith and his excellent staff.

Tom is currently trained in deep tissue, is a stage II Reiki practitioner, a stage II reflexologist, a Stage I Cranial Sacral therapist and a fitness therapist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this covered by Insurance?

In most cases, this is not covered by health insurance. It is covered in auto accidents by automobile insurance.

Do I have to disrobe?


Should I do anything in particular after my massage?

Drink water; keeping good levels of hydration is promoted and is good even if you are not receiving massage therapy. Be prepared to sleep very well. Massage therapy results in a state of relaxation which promotes deep relaxing sleep.

How does this help my Chiropractic care?

By addressing myofascial release, which involves releasing muscles from being locked up in underlying connective tissue, and muscle spasm, which is a source of pain and restrictions in motion.

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