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After a Car Accident...

Why You Should Get a Chiropractic Evaluation

woman on the phone next to wrecked carSimply put, seek chiropractic care after any car accident. Even if it’s just a little fender. Especially if the damage to your car is minimal. (The reason will surprise you, but makes perfect sense.)

“I’ve had extensive post-graduate training in the management of auto accident injuries.” says Dr. John Smith. “This helps our Cincinnati-area patients with faster recoveries and less lingering damage.”

We’ve Helped Hundreds

An attentive student of Dr. Arthur Croft’s advanced training in whiplash injuries, Dr. Smith employs evidence-based protocols. His objective testing and thorough documentation makes sure that the insurance companies treat these types of cases appropriately, and credible claims are not dismissed or minimized.

Chiropractic care is the most effective way to recover from a soft tissue injury which results from a car crash. They are often complex injuries. Many cases require litigation. Make sure you hire a knowledgeable chiropractor that can help you—and help you get your medical bills paid.

“Chiropractic is the only proven effective treatment for whiplash injuries…” Journal of Orthopaedic Medicine

See Us For a Second Opinion

Your insurance carrier probably recommended a visit to the emergency room. Unless you had obvious broken bones, you were likely sent home with some muscle relaxers.

Careful! There’s a lot more going on. We look more deeply for…

Soft Tissue Damage – Virtually all motor vehicle accidents produce some form of whiplash. As your head quickly changes direction, the muscles, bones and discs of your upper and (surprisingly) lower spine are stressed.

Ligamental Damage – Ligaments connect bones with muscles. They are the most challenging type of injury. It’s impossible to see this damage on hospital X-rays. We catch these problems. Those who consult us can often avoid needless suffering and expensive rehabilitation.

Concussion – It’s probably one of the more overlooked issues we see among car accident victims. Our diagnostic protocols often detect this serious condition. Many emergency room doctors frequently overlook it.

Shoulder Problems – Your seat belt shoulder harness probably kept you from going through the windshield. However, a tremendous force was transferred to your rib cage, collarbone and shoulder. The resulting damage requires precise rehabilitation procedures to avoid permanent damage.

“But My Car Was Hardly Damaged.”

Over the years we’ve seen a surprising link between the damage to the car, and the soft tissue damage to the driver and occupants. It’s an inverse relationship. In other words, minor fender benders often produce more soft tissue damage than a major collision.

How can that be?

Simple physics. Your car was designed to withstand minor collisions. To do that, passengers absorb most of the force. In more serious accidents, the car absorbs most of the energy, protecting you and your passengers.

Call Us. We Want to Help

We approach soft tissue injuries from car accidents in three distinct phases. This phased approach produces the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Are you ready to enlist our team at A Better Life Chiropractic? Schedule a no-obligation consultation and let’s discuss your accident and how we may be able to help. Call today. (513) 385-2273

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